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Ship's Repairing

We, Maris Recruitment RO Group. (Romania) is very keen to offer our expertise in providing experienced and qualified personnel in ships repairs (various type of main and auxiliary engines overhauling, steel works – repairs on deck, cargo holds, ship’s hull, tanks, as well as engine room, electrical works, monitoring and repairing of reefer containers).

We combine our expertise in international recruitment with our deep understanding of the markets  around the World and we harness this effectively in order to develop customized HR solutions for each of our clients.
Our staff put their knowledge and experience from both sea and shore based positions in practice towards offering competent and effective recruitment and ships services.

Our Offices are located in Constanta Romania and Varna, Bulgaria, the most important ports on the Black Sea and South-Eastern Europe.
We are certified as a crewing and personnel recruitment agency recognized by the Romanian and Bulgarian Authorities.

Being flexible and experienced in daily work with all our clients and concerned with further success in our business, we can meet all the demands of any potential customer.
Training, compliance, and review are key elements. It’s an ongoing process directed towards quality improvement. We are dedicated to raise the standards of manpower selection and monitor the changes, requirements and development of the industry.

Our organized team ensures a harmonious working environment both at sea and ashore, which in turn leads to a far superior service and total satisfaction of our valued clients.


We believe that Maris Recruitment’s processes for the recruitment and selection of personnel, done according to client specifications, are major components in the way we create value for the customer.

Better trained people mean a more productive workforce and greater yield for the client. We think they’re our greatest asset and we encourage clients to become involved in the training of their workforce. A well-trained workforce means more efficiency and less wasted time and effort.

We continuously update our data base with relevant information for each individual and replenish it with new qualified personnel recruited form the pool of possible candidates briefly described above.

We are committed to supply teams covering the following trades:

* Scaffolders                             * Fitters
* Welders                                  * Coded welders
* Steel workers                         * Fabricators
* Insulators                               * Pipe fitters
* Boiler makers                         * Mechanical fitters
* Riggers                                   * Painter blasters
* Tank cleaners                         * Electricians
* Platers                                    * Spay-Painters
* Carpenters                              * Casual Workers, Cleaners, Helpers
* Plumbers                                * Pool Workers

Our company systems allow rapid gathering and supply of large numbers of people on demand. All personal details, professional experience, medical records and studies are updated and checked in bulk and all the documents and forms are also generated in bulk, in an efficient and timely manner.

Maris Recruitment excels in gathering the most suitable candidates to form riding teams ready for action in due time and ready to travel all over the world in order to carry out maintenance, new buildings and repair projects for the clients. Each relationship we establish with a client grows into a successful partnership.
​For more information or to apply you can contact us to info@marisrecruitment.eu