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Cruise & River Ships

Maris Recruitment Ltd RO Group provides Hotel Staff, Deck & Engine Officers and Rating Crew for Cruise and River Ships.
We have in our database Candidates for different positions including but limited to:

Hotel Operations, IT, Financial

Chief Purser/ Front Desk Manager / Guest Services Manager, First Purser Administration, Second Purser Administration - Guest Accounts, Assistant Purser Junior Assistant, Crew Purser, Shore Excursion Manager, Assistant Shore Excursion Manager, Cruise Sales Consultant, Cost Accountant, Revenue Accountant, Financial Controller, Crew Payroll Manager, Second Purser Payroll/ Staff Accountant, Shipboard Systems Manager, Computer Systems Hardware Technician, Internet Manager

Human Resources Department
Human Resources Manager, Training and Development Manager, Crew / Staff Administrator, Crew / Staff Administrative (Welfare) Assistant

F&B Department
Food and Beverage Manager / Director, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager / Maitre d', Assistant Maitre d', Cellar Master, Head Waiter / Chef de Rang, Head Sommelier / Head Wine Waiter, Waiter / Waitress, Sommelier - Wine Waiter, Assistant (Junior) Waiter, Assistant Sommelier, Dining Room / Specialty Restaurant Utility Cleaner, Bar Manager / Bar Supervisor / Beverage Manager, Assistant Bar Manager/ Bar Supervisor/ Beverage Manager, Head Bartender, Bartender, Bar Waiter / Waitress (Bar Steward / Stewardess or Bar Server), Bar Utility / Bar Back, Buffet / Casual Dining Restaurant Manager, Buffet Steward / Stewardess (Casual Dining Server), Buffet / Snack Attendant, Room Service Manager / Supervisor, Room, Service Attendant, Officer / Staff / Crew Mess Attendant
Galley Department
Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Chef De Partie, Demi Chef De Partie, Commis 1 / First Cook, Commis 2 / Second Cook, Commis 3 / Third Cook, Cook Trainee, Crew Cook/ Crew Cook Assistant/ Crew Cook,  Trainee, Crew Cook Utility/ Crew Messman, Pastry Chef Supervisor, Assistant Pastry Chef Supervisor, Cruise Ship Pastry Chef, Pastry Trainee, Baker Supervisor, Assistant Baker Supervisor, Baker, Baker Trainee, Cruise Ship Provision Master/ Storekeeper, Assistant Provision Master/ Storekeeper, Galley Steward/ Galley Cleaner, Dishwasher/ Pot Washer

Housekeeping Department
Chief Housekeeper, Assistant Chief Housekeeper, Floor Supervisor, Head Room Steward / Stewardess, Housekeeping (Room) Steward / Stewardess / Stateroom Attendant, Assistant Room Steward / Stewardess, Head Butler, Butler, Pool & Deck Supervisor (Head Pool Butler), Pool & Deck Attendant (Pool Butler or Deck Steward), Hotel Steward / Utility Cleaner, Laundry Supervisor, Assistant Laundry Supervisor, Laundry Man / Linen Keeper

Spa & Beauty Salon Department
Spa-Salon Manager Assistant Beauty Salon, Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Stylist,  Hair Stylist , Hairdresser, Barber, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Acupuncturist, Medi-Spa Physician, Alternative Instructor, Spa Tech, Skin Care, Aesthetic Physicians
Cruise Staff & Entertainment Department
Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Event Manager, Social Hostess, Cruise (Activities) Staff, Youth Activities Manager, Youth Staff / Youth Counselor, Production Show Cast Members - Dance Captain, Lead Vocalist, Singer-Dancer, Show Dancer position, Musicians, Technicians - Production (Stage) Manager, Stage Staff - Sound, Lights, Rigging Technicians, Disc Jockey / Guest DJ, Guest Speaker, Arts & Crafts Instructor

Casino Department
Casino Manager, Assistant Casino Manager, Casino Dealer / Croupier, Slot Technician, Casino Cashier

Photography Department
Photo Manager, Assistant Photo Manager, Photographer, Junior Photographer, Videographer


Deck & Engine Department
Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, Engine Cadet / Junior 3rd Engineer, Hotel Services Engineer, Chief Electrical Engineer / Chief Electrician, Electrical Engineer / Electrician, Electronic Engineer, Electronic Engineer Junior – Communication, Chief Refrigeration / HVAC Engineer, Refrigeration / HVAC Engineer, Motorman, Fitter, Oiler, Wiper/ Engine Utility Man, Plumber, Upholsterer, others
Medical Department
Ship Doctor, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Cruise ship nurse, Lead/ Chief Nurse, Ship Nurse