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If you are looking for employment, or just wish to submit a resume in case of further openings, please fill-in our Application Form
and send it (in .doc) to the e-mail address application@marisrecruitment.com.
Do not forget to attach scanned copies of all your licenses, training certificates and travel documents. Reference Letters, Performance Reports etc are also welcomed.

We will process your application and will forward it to the Companies we cooperate with for internal consideration.
As soon as your nomination is reviewed, you will be notified about the possible openings that respond to your qualification, experience and desired position/vessel.  

Do not hesitate to contact our crewing department:
Tel No. : + 407 32627200
Email: application@marisrecruitment.eu

Our crew officers will answer all your queries and will gladly cooperate in all aspects of your nomination and pre-joining preparations

For more information of our latest Job Openings or if to apply follow the link:

To Apply for Vessels of Shipping & Offshore Sector

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