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How we do Operate

Our task as international Crewing & Recruitment Agency focuses on two areas:

We acquire vacant positions provided by employers and are also constantly expanding our database of potential candidates.
We create a placement profile for every job offer, compares this with our data on existing candidates and carries out a profiling procedure to determine the right candidate for you.
As a recruitment agency we meet the high demands placed upon us by companies and candidates.
Our job description requires us to remain neutral and to maintain a professional distance from individual cases at all times.
we conduct interviews and discussions for the placement to right candidate at right position. We hold the long list of skilled professionals, who are short listed as per the job specifications for the benefit of our customers. With the helps of our wide network and rich industrial experience, we serve our clients with an exclusive range of recruitment services.

We, Maris Recruitment RO Groupwork effectively and efficiently keeping in mind the customer centric approach of organization. Being an industry leader, we not only meet the client’s requirement is our aim. We also provide various opportunities for the experienced players and new comer to this industry. 

Maris Recruitment RO Group. will do a  proper planning and evaluation of the need will lead to hiring the right person for the role and team.

Newly Created Position
When it is determined a new position is needed, Maris Recruitment RO Group. Understand and take into consideration strategic goals, Conduct a quick analysis of Core Competencies. Conduct a Job Analysis if this position will  have additional requirements. This will also help to identify gaps.

We follow the below steps to complete our recruitment process but they will be always adjust according to the Client’s needs and requirements:

1-   We receive from the Employer a Job Order with the adequate documents and information: 
    * Job description,
    * Job Requirements,
    * Company information,
    * Salary, Benefit Package and projected assignment dates of the require position.

2- Maris Recruitment RO Group. will acquire CV’s or / and Applications for the qualified personnel in accordance with the Job Order and will conduct a screening based in the criteria agreed upon with the Employer.

3- After the 1 to 3 working days Maris Recruitment RO Group. shall conduct a due diligence background check on each and every  Applicant, including but limited to, conducting a references check then performing a thorough interview with Applicants who passed the second screening using industry standard competency, talents and behavioural screening models.

4- Upon a successful screening process Maris Recruitment RO Group. will submit to the Employer CV’s  / Applications of Candidates that match with the criteria.
Maris Recruitment RO Group. will coordinate with  the Employer, if the Employer so requires, an interview session to meet with the final Applicants -  announced and conducted as soon as reasonably possible. Interview sessions will conducted over telephone, video or web conference, and/or in-person.

Conducting Interviews:
Maris Recruitment RO Group. follow interviewing guidelines to ensure  that conduct a thorough interview process and have all necessary data to properly evaluate skills and abilities.

First Round Interviews (Maris Recruitment Ro Group's Team)

* General information from Candidates 
* Contact Details
* Evaluating and analyzing their Application Form
* Selecting Suitable Candidates for second round interviews

Second  Interviews (Maris Recruitment RO Group's Specialist)

All applicants provided the opportunity to interview in person or via Telephone, Skype with our Team, the results of this interview will give us the tools of the final selection of the Candidates that will be introduced to the Clients (Previous experience in the position, background and multilingual skills, others)

Final Interviews
It will be conducted by the Employer's Representatives. Maris Recruitment RO Group. will participate in the interview process  arranging the interviews with the Candidate, Place, time,  all technical requirements, others

Select Hire

Reference Checks
Reference checks should be conducted on the final applicant.
Maris Recruitment RO Group will contact previous Employers or Supervisors (e.g. Masters, Superintendants)

Initiating the Offer
Once a final check of the selection process and the final applicant has been determined, Maris Recruitment RO Group. will contact the Candidate selected for the position and will provide will all require information.